This website explores mostly my educational experiences..!

Welcome to this personal website

This website discovers and represents my Global life in the Global World.

As anyone knows, we have actually two entities; it means that we have a Local and a Global existence. To cover and to have a view on our Global life, it will be important to choose a way, which can connect us to the Global World. In this relation, website is the only way that makes it possible to do.

I have built this website, because I want that this website should be a place, where we can know each other easily.Click to Enlarge

Habib Paiman's Personal Website

Metro Service A/S Danmark

Færedig som industrioperatør

Endnu en MeSe medarbejder kan nu bryste sig at have bestået sin eksamen som industrioperatør på Københavns Tekniske Skole. MeSeNYT bringer her en interview med nyuddannede industrioperatør Massomah.

Læs mere på en PDF-fil fra Metoavisen...

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