This website explores mostly my educational experiences..!

Biographical Story

I was born in 1983 in a little town named Jaghuri in the province of Ghazni Afghanistan. My primary education is just from 1st - 3rd class in a High School in my birth town. As a girl, it was not easy to continue to go to schools, especially during the war. In the end of 1999 my family has emigrated from Afghanistan to Denmark. When we came here, I started in a language school called “Islev Skole”. After a year, could I tell and write Danish, but slowly.

In 2001 some of students have been moved to Copenhagen West Business College. In this college I have continued with a profession language course. This course took about one year. After ending of the Profession Language Course, I had chosen to continue with a higher education that calls HG-International. In July 2006, I have finished the basic parts of my education.

During my education at Copenhagen West Business College, the students took four times Educational Tours to different countries in Europe. We took to London, Berlin, European Parliament (Strasburg) and Prague.

In June 2006 I have started to work with Metro Service A/S Denmark as a Steward, where I am working now.