This website explores mostly my educational experiences..!


I was studying “HG-International” at Copenhagen West Business College. I don’t know how I should I translate it in English. This field of education takes about 4 years in Denmark, which divides on two, basic and major, parts. During studying this field, the students should take two or more Educational Tours to one of the European Countries yearly. During the basic part, we had 4 times educational tours around Europe.

I had started in HG-International in august 2003 and finished the basic part in July 2006. I have plane to complete the major part in the future. In July all my class fellows have got their Student Caps. It was really interesting for us.

Details about Educational Tours

This field of education in Denmark demands 2 to 3 Educational Tours yearly. Since I started at Copenhagen West Business College , we have had 5 abroad Educational Tours as following:

Educational Tours

Here are some pictures of my class fellows, who have been divided as groups. The groups where combined of 4 to 6 persons.

Finishing the basic course

At 20th of June 2006, we have completed our Basic Course (Grundforløbet). Here I have published some pictures from different ceremonies, both at college and at home etc. regarding to the finishing of basic course:

Practical Works & its duration

The pictures here show these different places, where I have been worked practically. During these practical works, I clearly understood that I can manage my duty after finishing the education.